These sessions are so much more than a photo op. Experiences are just as they sound, with an activity or event that incorporates a spot for a posed portrait as well as a chance for family fun and making new memories, such as feeding some friendly goats or sharing some cocoa bombs. We are always adding more, and love hearing suggestions. Booking for these sessions is specific and limited to the number of spots available. See details or booking.

Christmas Country experience cocoa bombs hot drink family time farm photo
Christmas Country Experience horse kiss head boy photo
Fall Farm experience petting goats family time photo
Fall farm experience family siblings vintage tractor photo
smiling family Christmas Country experience holiday farm photo
Fall Farm experience finding horse fall boy photo
baby love Christmas Country experience peekaboo photo
goat boy love Fall Farm experience green photo
friendly cat Fall Farm experience family memories photo
Fall Farm experience country horse pet sunset photo
hot cocoa Christmas Country family memories photo

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